Developers of BMSTU-Sail and Yareelo satellite, BMSTU, 2019, October

The development of space projects requires incredible efforts, hard and coordinated work of huge team, here are listed those people who have made a significant contribution to the development of our project, and it is very gratifying that the list is constantly updated with new people!

Scientific advicers:

Mayorova Vera

Bauman Moscow State Technical University, depatment «Special Machinery», sub-depatment «Space Vehicles and Carrier Rockets», Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences


Main developers:

Nerovny Nikolay
Melnikova Valeriia
Polshchikov Sergei
Porseva Svetlana
Tenenbaum Stepan
Zhivilo Ekaterina
Ignateva Anastasiia
Lazarev Nikita