Yareelo project

Yareelo is a project to deploy a constellation from 2 nanosatellites for research of the Sun and solar-earth coupling.  Two 1.5 U CubeSat  will be launched simultaneously from a P-Pod by piggyback launch.  As a part of the mission, we plan to create a formation flight using two-bladed rotary solar sail technology and work out the algorithm for maintaining the constellation. After the end of the lifetime, both CubeSats will passively deorbit into the lower layers of the atmosphere using the solar sail.

Yareelo-1 inner design

Yareelo-1 inner design

The payload onboard the first designed nanosatellites is the X-ray photometer for registration of emission of the whole Sun in the range 0.5-15 keV developed in P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of Russian Academy of Science (LPI RAS). This highly sensitive instrument allows the observation of solar activity associated with the processes of flaring energy release, which has a significant impact on an interplanetary environment and space weather. The payload onboard the second  nanosatellites is gamma radiation and charged particle detector (DeCoR) developed by Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University. The device objectives are to study fast variations of electron flows in the gaps between radiation belts, as well as to study the particle flows and gamma radiation dynamics in low orbits depending on geomagnetic conditions in the range of 0.3-3 MeV.

Outer design

Experimental systems onboard the “Yarilo” nanosatellites :

  • Solar sail unit “Oduvanchik” for formation flight creation;
  • Redundant computing machine;
  • Computer based on the Sputnik processor (LPI RAS);
  • Energy supply system;
  • VHF and H-band radio communication systems;
  • Orientation and stabilization system on magnetic coils and flywheel motors;
  • Navigation receiver.

To date we manufactured two mock-ups for experimental tests.

Nanosatellites mock-up

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